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ImagingExecutives@PHOTOPIA September 20, 2023

In cooperation with PHOTOPIA Hamburg in Germany, Thomas Blömer is organizing his innovation ImagingExecutives@PHOTOPIA conference for the third consecutive year in 2023. To avoid any overlap with events and appointments during the September 21-24 trade fair, this year’s conference is scheduled on Wednesday September 20, 2023 in the ”Chicago” room at the Hamburg exhibition center, one day before the trade show begins.

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., industry leaders as well as independent experts will address the opportunities and challenges in the imaging market under the theme “Generative Business Intelligence.” In fact, the success of our industry depends crucially on recognizing customer needs and intelligently respond to them with innovative products and services that create value for customers as well as for manufacturers, service providers and retailers.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), which is currently being discussed intensively in the media, while certainly important, is not the only technology driving growth for our photo industry. This conference will address new concepts and ideas stimulating industry growth. Simultaneous translation will be available for German and English.

Please mark your calendar now for this outstanding business event. After the conference program concludes, all participants are invited to remain until  7 p.m. for a reception to exchange thoughts and ideas about the topics of the day

Further detailed information will soon be available on the PHOTOPIA Hamburg website.

Program suggestions and sponsoring inquiries are welcome. Contact Thomas Blömer @ [email protected].