Saturday June 15th 2024

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Lay-Flat Photo Books Gaining Popularity

2022 RAR Lay Flat Analysis Press Release

Photo books have great staying power with consumers and layflat photo books have opened up new opportunities for vendors to upsell consumers to a product that has tangible benefits over standard photo books.

Based on survey results from their most recent US Photo Merchandise Study, a new analysis report from Rise Above Research shows that lay-flat photo books bring in significantly more income than standard non-lay-flat books, and most consumers who have bought them in the last year plan to buy them again in the coming year.

In addition to spending, the Lay-Flat Photo Books: Consumer Habits & Trends report also cover who is buying and for what occasions, sizes purchased, vendors most commonly purchased from and future buying intentions. Commentary is provided throughout the analysis, as well as comparisons to standard non-lay-flat photo books.