Thursday February 29th 2024

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di Support Completes Reorganization with New Shareholders

20231205_Press Release Investor group takes over di support

The management of di support has successfully completed a restructuring in self-administration with the support of the new investors. In addition to founder Ralph Naruhn, who is now the largest shareholder, the new group of shareholders includes tech entrepreneur Philipp Dommermuth as well as finance and tech experts Jörg Mayer and Rüdiger Fajen.

The B2B area of biometric ID (passport photo) systems in particular is being expanded and internationalized through further development of state-of-the-art AI systems and cloud services.

di support GmbH has been renamed pixolo GmbH, with “pixolo” also becoming the company’s brand, including the popular pixolo app with several 100,000 users. A new app will be introduced soon.