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Marcello Strada Let’s You Create a Simple Onsite “While-You-Wait” Photobook

Marcello Strada s.r.l.
Viale Europa 14
97013 Comiso (RG), Italy
Tel: +39 (0) 932 723690
Email: [email protected]


July 17, 2019 – Making prints at a retail location has become faster and faster. A 16×12” (40x30cm) print can be output in under 2 minutes. Now, 6-16×12” (40x30cm) prints can be easily transformed into an attractive 5-page 8×12” photobook in only 3 minutes. 

Photo retailers operating a Mini Condor Plus pneumatic photobook binding system from Marcello Strada and a manual paper cutter can create a 5-page softcover 6×8” (15x20cm) photobook for customers in less than ten minutes. The only materials needed for the photobook are six sheets of 6×8” (15x20cm) adhesive cardboard, with a total cost of less than US$1.00.

A short time-lapse video shows that creating the photobook can be rapidly accomplished by retail associates without extensive training. 

Marcello Strada manufactures adhesive sheets for photobook production as well as compact pneumatic systems for making photobooks up to 21×21” (50x50cm) and associated materials. It also offers a beautiful line of Alessia covers.

Based in Comiso, Italy, with availability in 122 countries, the family-run company was founded in 2007 and is led by president Marcello Strada. Benefitting from his more than 30 years of experience in the photo imaging field, Strada has created solutions with the reliability and minimal support required to assist photo labs and retailers in the binding of photographic albums and photo books. All Strada precision-made machines are pneumatically powered and require no specialized knowledge to operate. They are manufactured in Italy to meet all stringent EU requirements.

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