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photobook.aiannounces strategic partnership with MaikeOS to create complete AI Photobook Creation + Fulfillment solution across China

Integrated solution enables any app company to offer printed photobook products with zero development effort

10th April 2019, Hangzhou and, developers of automatic photobook creation technology announces a strategic collaboration with MaikeOS, makers of the MaikePODs and MaikeWebs service to offer a fully-integrated solution for mobile photobook creation and fulfilment in China.

MaikeOS will be showcasing the solution at the HP Partners Pavilion in Hall 1, 1-1001. has developed the world’s first zero-click photobook making mobile solution which are currently licensed to customers in Brasil, in Japan, in Belgium and in the UK.  MaikeOS has built a cloud-based Print-on-Demand service with a corresponding front-end Print Products Order submission interface and already has hundreds of print service providers signed up as suppliers on one end, with thousands of independent photolabs, studios and app companies using the service to extend their product offering.

“’s native mobile AI approach to photobook creation has already found market validation outside of China within the past year.  We are now ready to penetrate the huge Chinese market and are very excited to have found an excellent partner to do it with.  MaikeOS already has the network and infrastructure to support our efforts to quickly bring our solution to all the key players in the industry who are searching for a solution to radically increase photobook creation from their customers, and reduce the time from creation to fulfillment,” says Terence Swee, CEO and Founder of

“MaikeOS has the network and connections to all the major print suppliers and consumer facing labs across China.  Photobooks are a high margin product, but they are also the most difficult to make.  All existing software requires immense effort from the users.  When we first saw‘s app, we knew right away this is what is needed to disrupt the photobook and consumer print market in China.  We are very excited to be the conduit to bring photobook orders to all the printing facilities across China,” says Jim Yun, CEO of MaikeOS Hangzhou Network Company Ltd.

MaikeOS and photobook.aiis offering a white label app solution to print companies to enable consumers to create photobooks on their mobiles directly without the need to upload hundreds of photos to the cloud.  It will also offer a solution for the twenty over thousand photolabs dotted across China to easily help their customers create photobooks and place an order anywhere in China to be printed at reputable and quality-controlled facilities in the major cities in China.

To find out more and download a demo application:  (Chinese only content)  Outside of China, visit

photobook.aiis a spin-off from muvee Technologies, the inventor of automatic video editing and holder of more than 26 patents. Harnessing more than 15 years of deep experience in developing video solutions on mobile coupled with automatic storytelling using computer vision and AI, photobook.aideveloped the fastest and smartest photobook creator software on the planet.  The photobook.aiSDKs for Automatic Photobook creation (Albumstory) and Advanced Face Recognition and Scoring (iFace) are available for license for both Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX desktop and as a cloud service.
Visit for more information.

MaikeOS 团队专注于大规模定制化软件解决方案( Mass Customization Software Solution)的开发多年, 为印刷、定制化办公用品、礼品、以及家庭用品制造、服务商提供端到端解决方案。MaikePODS 为制造商提供SAAS架构的生产管理服务;MaikeWEBS 为服务商提供CRM、订单管理以及发单管理(Outsourcing)服务。