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Corrugated Synergies International, LLC installing Highcon Euclid IIICat Visual Impact Preprint in New Mexico

Yavne, Israel — April 3, 2019 — With a headline like “Bringing Real Innovation and Meaningful Change to the Corrugated Industry”, CSI is a natural fit to the digital finishing technology of Highcon. They are currently installing the Highcon Euclid IIIC digital cutting and creasing production machine for corrugated in their Visual Impact PrePrint, LLC (VIP) facility, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Having already invested in digital printing, the company is now initiating a completely digital corrugated workflow with the integration of the Euclid into their VIP site. CSI has long been dedicated to the conversion from analog to digital in the corrugated industry in order to achieve the time to market and differentiation required by their customers and to reduce inventory and waste.

John Perullo, CEO of CSI said: “Following the elimination of printing plates via Nozomi, now with Highcon, we remove the need for die cutting forms. Not only does this enable for faster delivery to customers but also delivers an improved, short run precision cut quality on a wide range of substrates demanded by these customers. We are sure that this is the direction of the future – the digital process will allow an unsurpassed level of accuracy and responsiveness, speeding up the converting processes while reducing days of delay waiting for dies to be made.”

Matt Bennett, Highcon VP Sales and GM Americas said: “CSI is definitely a market leader with a keen understanding of the benefits that digital technology can bring to the corrugated market. Their commitment to the implementation of digital technology in their supply chain and their vision of how this will change the industry makes them a natural partner as Highcon drives the potential of digital cutting and creasing technology into the future.”

The Highcon Euclid IIIC digital cutting and creasing machine brings new heights of flexibility to the converting of N F G E & B Flute (1 to 3 mm/39-118 pt.). With the ability to cut, score, and etch without applying pressure to the board, the Euclid IIIC delivers lightweighting and rightsizing capabilities that answer the market needs driven by online ordering. The structure and design flexibility available with digital technology mean that dual purpose packaging is within sight, a solution to overpackaging and carbon footprint issues.

For more information:

Contact at Highcon
Shelagh Hammer,
[email protected]

Contact at CSI
John Perullo, President & CEO
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About Highcon

Founded in 2009 by Aviv Ratzman and Michael Zimmer, Highcon developed a truly innovative digital cutting and creasing solution that is transforming the post-print market. Highcon now offers folding carton and corrugated converters, printers and trade finishers a product portfolio that covers a wide range of formats, substrates and applications: from general commercial, folding carton and corrugated packaging, display products and variable data cutting. The Highcon solutions replace the expensive and slow conventional die-making and setup process with a digital technology that bridges the gap between design creativity and production capability, delivering improved responsiveness, design flexibility and the ability to perform a wide range of applications in-house. Highcon products are installed at customer sites all over the world.

About CSI Corp.

CSI is a successful project development and operational services company specializing in the corrugated packaging industry. As the innovative leader in sheet feeding to the corrugated industry, CSI has developed and operated 12 highly successful sheet feeder operations, three full line box plants and most recently, opened the first fully digital print facility in the United States. CSI will open its newest sheet feeder operation, Universal Sheets, third quarter 2019.

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