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Innovations in Photo Imaging

Innovations in Photo Imaging – A Grassroots Initiative :: Photo Industry Initiative Created To Drive Output of Photo Products

Working Together to increase awareness among consumers

Bonita Springs, FL December 13, 2010 – Leading photo imaging industry suppliers have
formed a consortium under the name of Innovations in Photo Imaging to remind American
consumers about the importance and convenience of creating keepsakes at retail or online
that are uniquely personalized with a photo. There is no substitute for the emotional
connection achieved through the cherished memories of people, events or scenes revived
every day through products featuring photographs. As solutions are developed to make
imaging even more fun, fast and inviting, consumers will further enjoy the emotional benefits
of photos and output.

The initial thrust of the promotion will emphasize the emotional appeal and value of getting a
printed photo item; explain the ongoing advances in simplifying the creation process for
personalized photo products so that consumers are not discouraged by initial difficulties or
previous experiences; and provide an overall promotion of outputting photo products. In
summary the aim is to simplify the process, sell the emotion of photo output, and then sound
the trumpet, causing consumers to once again enjoy the virtues of life memories. The
success of the program will be measured by media coverage that is achieved as well as
feedback from retailers about increasing photo sales among their customers.

Under the umbrella banner of Photo Gifts are Fun: Make One the consortium will initially
promote the variety of items that can be made using photos, such as greeting cards, mugs,
photobooks, calendars, multi-image prints, clothing and accessories, writing pads and even
jewelry. This will run through the first quarter of 2011, covering the various celebrations of
Valentine’s Day, Easter, Passover and Mother’s Day. At the outset the consortium will
develop promotional programs, including a Website and Facebook page, focusing on the
U.S.A. Once established, the consortium expects to expand its activities to include North and
South America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Photos are universal in their appeal
for social currency, gifting, and prominent display as well as to provide an archive of life
memories that stands the test of time.

The goal of this grassroots initiative is involve all industry members in making consumers
aware of the wide range of products that can be made with photos and encouraging them to
try creating these products. To assist in this effort, the Website will contain a variety of
educational and promotional materials already prepared by members of the consortium. A
PowerPoint presentation that can be used by industry members for appearances before
community, business and social organizations will also be developed. These promotional

tools will also be available to members of the media, such as reporters for TV, radio,
magazines/newspapers and blogs. Individuals within member companies as well as PMA and
IPI offices and directors will be made available for interviews. Ultimately the consortium
will leverage the power of social media, blogs and forums, viral campaigns and local media
to drive the messaging. In this way the strongest advocates for photo products and photo
gifting becomes the consumers themselves, heralding the emotional benefits to all their peers.
Founding companies of the Innovation in Photo Imaging consortium are: Eastman Kodak,
Fujifilm North America, Hewlett-Packard, IPI – Independent Photo Imagers, Inc., Noritsu
America Corp., PMA – Photo Marketing Association International; Unibind/Peleman
Industries and Xerox Corporation. Don Franz, Publisher of Photo Imaging News, has been
asked to serve as Secretary/Treasurer, providing the administrative support. Membership is
open to photo industry suppliers, with PMA and IPI representing the interests of retailers and
other professional photo output service providers.

“I have been very gratified by the willingness of the member companies of this consortium to
work together for the benefit of all photo service providers,” commented Kodak’s Mr. Brad
Kruchten, who was elected as the first president of Innovations in Photo Imaging. “We have
assembled a dynamic group of people who are passionate about photo retailing and their
enthusiasm is contagious.”

Noted Mr. Manny Almeida from Fujifilm North America and designated the first Vice
President of Innovations in Photo Imaging, “We have chosen to try to inform all levels of
picture-takers through viral marketing and personal involvement of the almost unlimited
variety of products that can be personalized with photographs. Our goal is to encourage them
to consider creating a unique photo product, knowing that once people become involved in
the process of making these products they tend to become repeat customers.”
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