Saturday June 15th 2024

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Photo Imaging News December 2023 Issue Published

In this issue, we begin our coverage of the ImagingExecutives@Photopia and continue our coverage of IPIC 2023. The Visual 1st Conference is reviewed by Hans Hartman. Financial review of Mitsubishi Paper Mills. Articles cover:Film is Not Dead – Marketing Analog Photo Products and Services Intelligently; AI in Market Research – Using gfknewron as an Example; and Film Processing. Brief news includes: Müller Martini Holding AG has acquired all of the shares of the Hunkeler Group; Two thirds of U.S. adults prefer to receive physical rather than digital holiday cards; Use of facial recognition at Rite-Aid has been banned for five years; Kosmo Foto has prepared a detailed “Guide to Choosing a Compact Camera”; Forward Thinking on How Geeks are Changing the World; Sales of Fujifilm’s Instax-related products in 2022 accounted for a majority of its ¥266.9 billion consumer imaging segment revenue; Kodak signals 5-10% price increase on 35mm color negative films and one-time-use cameras; Independent Photographic Supplies has installed two automated LF600 All-In lay-flat photobook units at Photo Create; The Braze Email Deliverability Guide reviews critical steps you can take to enhance email deliverability; Master the Marketing Funnel; and Are you offering personalized flip flops to your customers?