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July 2023 Issue of Photo Imaging News Published

In this issue, we conclude our detailed coverage of the Fujifilm Photo Printing Summit. We begin our review the Dscoop Edge 2023 covering the Photo Imaging Connect track organized by Gary Pageau combined presentation of David Haueter, Rise Above Research, “Photo Merchandise Market Trends & Opportunities” and Sima Toltzis Morad, HP Indigo, “Photo Market Trends.” Financial review of Seiko Epson. Brief News…includes:Building relationships with consumers who are blind or low vision requires a proactive, inclusive approach to digital; Sutherland’s Photo Lab installs DiLand Freestanding Kiosk, Studio Software, and Web Kiosk ; Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT; Real-time deepfake detection; The annual Award Luncheon of the International Photographic Council will occur in the Delegates Dining Room, United Nations; An AI-generated campaign by Assam police in India warns parents about posting a child’s photo online; Use your MIS to measure carbon footprints;German article in Fotointern details the production milestones of Canon cameras.