Friday July 19th 2024

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Rowe Photo closes after 100+ years in business

After more than 100 years in operation, Rowe Photo, Video and Audio in Rochester, NY has closed. While the services offered by the local retailer will continue on through other stores in the area, the Mt. Hope Avenue location that many associate with Rowe will be no more, according to owner Dick Rowe.

The closure of Rowe signals a major change in Rochester’s business landscape, with the store being one of the original retailers of Kodak cameras and film, according to Rowe. One of his family’s former
stores in Greece’s Buckman Plaza did beta testing on new photo paper and development chemicals for Kodak. Customers could
also purchase a bicycle at the store when it first opened up on Main Street back in 1898.

Employees at Rowe have largely transferred to Scott’s Photo or DAVE Digital Audio Visual