Friday June 14th 2024

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Penn Color Explores Expansion Opportunities In Asia

Doylestown, PA – Penn Color, Inc., has announced plans to increase its presence in Asia. The decision is based on its strategy to support global customers around the world, and bring the “Penn Color experience” and Penn Color products to the region.
“We are committed to extending our global footprint in Asia,” says Kevin Putman Jr., President. “That means investing in the people, products, and technologies that will support the companies driving growth in the Asia Pacific region.”
The Asia plan follows Penn Color’s 2019 expansion in Venray, The Netherlands, which added capabilities with engineering plastics color and additive masterbatches as well as high-end specialty coatings. “Our responsiveness is what sets us apart,” says Putman. “In Europe, we invested in our customer’s future, ahead of their needs. The situation is similar in Southeast Asia and China, where we see opportunities to use our unique capabilities to help customers get to market faster.”
The plan includes several locations in Asia, with resources and capabilities in sales, marketing, customer support, manufacturing, R&D and product design.
Customer Experience Is Key
Penn Color is a privately owned, leading supplier of color concentrates and dispersions, with expertise in material science and world class manufacturing capabilities. The company has the most diversified portfolio of applications in the industry, along with the unique ability to cross pollinate thermoplastics and inks and coatings technologies and manufacturing processes.
The “Penn Color experience” brings together designers, product managers, scientists, products and technologies to help customers get to market faster with products that stand out in performances and aesthetics. The Penn Color experience is backed by a global organization which is easy to do business with, and agile, fueling the highest product vitality index in the industry.
Custom Solutions
The liquid dairy market is an illustration of how Penn Color develops technology to solve specific challenges. Pennaholt™ provides high opacity, high whiteness masterbatch solutions for maximum shelf life and shelf appeal, with low/no TiO2 content. Pennaholt allows brands to tune in the exact whiteness, oxygen scavenging properties, barrier to light, TiO2 content, and cost-to-produce, so dairy products can be successful in a highly competitive marketplace.
Another example is Penn Color’s penneffex™ line of color and special effects. Formulated for mono- and multi-layer PET packaging, penneffex delivers high-end, eye-catching finishes for consumer goods. The line uses special effect pigments to inspire creative and imaginative brand design in products for home care, personal care, food and beverage, and more. Variations including matte, brushed metal, frosted, metallic, luster, and bubbled.
Penn Color provides custom color masterbatch products for thousands of applications including packaging, building and construction, automotive & architectural coatings, communication, plastic sheets, fibers.
The company also supplies functional additives which add UV light protection to building & construction materials, light blocking abilities to packaging, light & oxygen barriers to dairy bottles, scratch resistance to surfaces, and many other applications, for customers around the world.
For more information about Penn Color, or its expansion plans in Southeast Asia and China, contact Scott Stamback via email at [email protected], or by phone at +1-215-345-6550.
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