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Photo Imaging News :: September 2019 Vol 36 Num 09

In this issue, we conclude our coverage of SPAC 2019 (School and Sports Photographers of California – program Millennials: Your Customer, Your Employee, Your Boss – Overcoming the Generational Divide by Ed Monahan
• Millennials seek to understand where they fit, how their contribution matters – they desire to make a difference, work has to have purpose
• They seek a collaborative (and diverse) environment, want to be heard – teams over individuals, they have a voice (want their voice heard!)
• Work environment becoming remote, off-campus, co-working spaces –no longer traditional offices and manufacturing.
• Intellectual capital vs. “make work” and physical labor – the information economy, use their minds over their hands (can you say turnkey, move in ready!)
• Finding their place in the gig economy – independent workers for hire fast following from the sharing economy.
• Sensing and facing an uncertain future – AI and machine automation threatens their opportunities. 

86% of millennials believe the success of business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance. They ask: How can business be harnessed to help alleviate society’s biggest challenges (disease prevention, education, environment, community cohesion, unemployment)? 

Lab perspective – hiring, retaining, and getting the most out of the millennial worker more challenging in manufacturing operations:
• Identify how tasks fit in the overall operation – sense of purpose vs. “step and repeat”
• Create a diversified workforce
• Balance command and control with collaboration
• Anticipate and expect attrition – vet/qualify candidates during interview (sense of satisfaction with lower skill labor jobs) 

Photographer/studio perspective – hiring, retaining and getting the most out of the millennial worker:
• Play to the opportunities to hire as part of the gig economy.
• Identify their fit in the overall process and leverage the social aspects.

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