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DNP Brings Perfect Printing to Picture Mosaics’ Artistically Crafted Photo Art

image002.jpgBlue Bell, PA, – October 28, 2019 – When it comes to personalized mosaics – a process that turns photos into art – every print must be perfect. That’s why Picture Mosaics relies on DNP’s cutting edge dye-sublimation printers to provide quality, reliability, and unprecedented print speed at events.

A photo mosaic is a large image composed of hundreds or thousands of smaller photographs. Customers of Picture Mosaics can order personalized pieces of artwork ranging from personal mosaics, murals, live event mosaics, video mosaics, and online interactive mosaics. Al Charpentier, founder and CEO of Picture Mosaics, started the company 19 years ago by not only designing the mosaics, but also inventing the technology that makes it easy for customers to create personalized mosaics online.

At events, where time is of the essence, on-demand personalized MosaicMe prints would not be possible without DNP’s DS620A™ and DS820A™ printing solutions.

image001.jpg“We have been using DNP printers for years because the DS620A and DS820A printers both print at 600 dpi in a matter of seconds,” says Charpentier. “Our customers don’t want to wait several minutes to have their photos printed. Speed and high resolution have always been such important parts of our live event mosaics experiences. Having a personized mosaic in a matter of seconds is an amazing takeaway that always has that wow factor. And moreover, these photos can be leveraged in a larger live mosaic mural encompassing all of the attendees.”

DNP dye-sublimation printers help generate revenue for photographers and photo booth operators by providing cost-efficient, long-lasting prints customers can hold for years to come.

DNP’s DS620A dye-sublimation printer is able to print 400 prints per hour, as fast as 8.3 seconds per print, while the DS820A is equipped with improved heat dissipation for higher throughput and standby mode for decreased energy consumption.

image003.jpg“Photo Mosaics brings an artistic, personalized level of elegance to photography,” said Charpentier. “It requires precision on the photos and fast print speeds to make our customers satisfied. That’s why we trust DNP.”

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