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Photo Trash Talk :: Week of March 8, 2016


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Howdy! It’s the Week of March 8, 2016!


Length: 21:30.

00:00 Music Intro
00:07 Welcome
00:58 Subway Sandwiches; Food Photography; Bon Appetit Magazine March 2016 shot with iPhones (Purchase a digital version of this Bon Appetite issue at Google Play – currently $0.99); VividHDR App for iOS; View Notre-Dame Image shot on iPhone 6S+; More information on Notre-Dame Basilica of MontréalVividHDR App for iOS; Snapseed for Android or iOS
08:36 Rumors of Panasonic Lumix Camera with 6K Video; Olympus indicates a down play of Video Feature as well as No Tilt-Shift Lenses for Micro Four-Thirds.
12:17 Are we moving forward with our capture devices? Features we would like to see on upcoming cameras and sensors; Samsung S7 smartphone; Canon G-Series PowerShot cameras; Hoya; Leica & Huawei.
15:26 Montréal Nuit Blanche – Montréal En Lumière; Death by Selfie.
17:32 Travel; Cuba; Promt Offline Translator App for iOS
20:12 Closing
20:33 Music
20:41 Outtakes