Wednesday June 28th 2017

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Photo Trash Talk Now Sponsored by Photo Imaging News

phototrash_compositePhoto Imaging News is a proud sponsor of Photo Trash Talk with Dan Burkholder & Elmo Sapwater. These are two guys who really enjoy talking gear and photo while having a great time that will rub off on anyone. It’s “Photo Talk with Flair.”    





-Curved Photo Sensors and what they mean for the industry. -ProCamera App for iOS with tons of features.
-New Apple Watch Coming? Things we like and wish would happen.
-Fitbit’s Blaze device is almost a lookalike to the Apple Watch.
-Sony A6300 24-megapixel Mirrorless Auto Fast Focus Camera with Manual Focus capabilities
-A Paper-Like Digital Camera from Japan.
-Two Olympus non-working cameras you can print and assemble.
-Japanese Police to Capture Mug Shots Using 3-D Technology.
-Nikon KeyMission 360˚ camera may be getting a retail price.
-Who is Kicking Butt in camera sales in Japan? -GoPro Woes Continue. Will new products offer promise? New video shows Karma in action. Hmmm. Reminds us of the Hexo+.
-Samsung is using Big Displays (OSV aka OverView Seamless Videowall) on 16 wheelers to provide visibility to vehicles behind.
-Photo editors and photographers market still in shake up.