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Week of September 08, 2014 — Photo Imaging News International Edition


In this issue, we continue our coverage of Photokina, and conclude our coverage of Dscoop Asia-Pacific.

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Volume 31 Number 18 Week of September 08, 2014

Dscoop Asia Brought Many Attendees (conclusion)

A Look Back at Photokina (continued – Part 3)

Brief News of the Photofinishing Industry

Fireside is a smart system for your home that makes enjoying your photos and videos as easy as taking them

Click Magazine audience 45% are pro, 35% are aspiring to pro; 20% are hobbyist

Film Ferrania raises $322,000 on Kickstarter to prepare for production of still and motion picture film

Imaging Solutions has a new hot melt adhesive with a newly formulated base and in granular form

Tor Weatherstone reviewed the recent Ringfoto ( Fall Photo Fair

Calumet Photographic has reopened its high-end photography and videography rental business

Hewlett-Packard said it would split into two listed companies

Business News

Seiko Epson



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