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LifePics Adds Additional Products and Services, Reaches 6000 Private Branded Websites to Become the Largest White Label Photo Services Provider for Retailers

June 21, 2013, Boulder, Colo. – LifePics today announced the expansion of its hosted websites, as well as product and service offerings, for its retail partners. The expansion officially makes LifePics the largest private branded photo services provider in the world, with over 6,000 hosted websites and 4,000 photo templates and products its retail partners can offer customers. The company provides a white label solution that encompasses private branded websites, mobile apps, tablet optimization, software partnerships, and kiosk integration, all of which send photo and personal print product orders to retail stores and labs for 1-hour service.

“We have focused heavily in the past year on enhancing and expanding our service for our retail partners, providing additional revenue streams, profitable products, and connectivity to the technology of the present and future,” said Paul Griffiths, Vice President of Marketing at LifePics. “Today's consumers interact with images constantly, on numerous devices each day, so it is important to provide a solution for our retail partners that connects to all imaging channels, allowing their customers to more easily create and print photos and other imaging products at their stores.”

Since its acquisition in 2012 by Taylor Corporation, LifePics has significantly stabilized its web platform to 100% up-time through peak seasons, doubled its development team with experts in both mobile and HTML5, and invested significantly in unique designs and products that allow retailers to offer a wider variety of compelling photo and print merchandise. Recent enhancements from LifePics include adding creative designs and licensed content for print product templates like cards, photo books, and stationery. The company has also developed multiple custom mobile apps that send orders directly from mobile devices to stores, integrated with a number of photo software tools, created social media apps that drive orders from popular social media sites, and is poised to launch an innovative kiosk platform that connects to all imaging channels consumers use for a more complete in-store experience. In addition, LifePics provides marketing services for retail partners to grow their user base and drive revenue.

“The photo industry has had to adapt and evolve significantly over the past decade, as consumer printing and imaging habits have changed considerably,” said Bill Fabri, Vice President of Camera Center of York. “We have recently joined LifePics because they are always enhancing their service and keeping up with new consumer trends and technology, which will help our business innovate and grow. It is refreshing to see this type of commitment and investment from a partner.”

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